Christian Navy Seals – The Father’s House Church of Stockton

Posted on May 18, 2012


Christian Navy Seals – The Father’s House Church of Stockton

The navy seals are an elite force of soldiers. They are the most trained and sent on the most serious military tasks that there are to do. Everyone would love to be a Navy Seal as opposed to a normal rank and file soldier. Yet the number of navy seals is very few, most applicants fail to make it all the way through the training to become a Navy Seal.

I want to compare Navy Seals to regular soldiers and eve with a reservist in the military. I want to get you thinking about being a Navy Seal for God compared to being a regular soldier, or a reservist for God.

Getting trained to be a navy seal
In the church world many are being trained to be a equivalent to a Navy Seal. They are going to schools of prophecy, dream interpretation, schools healing ministry, learning deliverance models, and taking Sozo classes, you name it they’re getting trained for the battle. Their goal is to be an awesome warrior for God. No one can complain about a person working on bettering themselves. What an awesome thing to have that in your heart to be the best that you could be for the lord Jesus.

On the other hand there are some out there though that are reservist for the Lord. They will do something for the Lord if they are really needed very badly. People like this in general want to be right with the Lord the just not too committed and just not too involved. Unfortunately most of the church is made up of people like this. It would be great if we are all Navy Seals but that just doesn’t happen even in the US Military.

Once again there are all kinds of people going through special training today to really sharpen up there your skills as a Christian a believer in Christ. At The Father’s House we have put on many kinds of this training.  There are dream interpretation classes, prophetic evangelism, schools of prophecy, and schools of healing and so on. The problem in the church world today is after you become a Christian Navy Seal then what comes next? If you watch movies often many times there will be an X-Navy Seal that is featured in a movie as a renegade kind of guy. This guy has all the training and answers to no one. This person is usually very dangerous and has very selfish goals for personal gain and ambitions. At the end of these movies like this this person usually gets killed or put in prison for breaking all the rules and walking away from the valor of the true Navy Seals. Today we have Christian Navy Seals that are exactly the same. They have been highly trained and are highly motivated but do not submit to authority or join with a vision to actually get some kingdom work done. Their motivation is very selfish and it’s all about them in most cases. If they can be the star and demonstrate their great training they are very happy but ask them to help with the ordinary, tithe to a local body, and they find that all beneath them. These people run conference to conference involving themselves in small activities but avoid the local church in most cases.

Real Seals – Submit to Authority

When we look at the real Navy Seals, they submit to authority. If real Seal do not submit to authority they are kicked out of the program. One of the greatest things about Navy Seal training is following orders precisely and complete tasks as told to. Still the training is so valuable but when trainees are not directed properly nor have big picture mind set all soon becomes chaos. Most likely not President Obama or any recent Presidents could even keep up with a Navy Seal, but yet all Navy Seals are in subjection to the will of the President and missions of America. Christian Navy Seals have to have the same heart as the real Seals, get all the skills to do all the jobs and tasks but they must submit to authority that has a God given plan and vision. If Christian Navy Seals go about doing their own thing they are merely become mercenaries out for hire and personal gain, denying God’s vision for a local church, city, or region.

The Big Picture

The purpose of Navy Seals it to make our country safer and to do special projects and assignment as they are needed with the superior training that they have. Not long ago Seal Team 6 killed Osama Bin Laden. We don’t even know their names, yet they performed a mission that was heard round the world. Their activity is part of the big picture for freedom in the world, a one-time fun expedition. Christian Navy Seals have to be a part of the big picture as well. They need to be working to save their city, to help a vision of a local church, joined in with an apostolic call or are they looking to put a few notches in their own personal spiritual belts. Those who are out to put the notches in their own personal spiritual belts are just like those renegade Navy Seals seen in movies. They are about personal glory and gain and not about the vision of the Lord.

Conferenced to Death – Producing Dead Works

Sadly, not on purpose, some ministries have generated armies of these renegades. These renegades travel from conference the conference, ever learning and never coming to the knowledge of the big picture of Jesus Christ. Conferences are great training and it is great, but you got to get ahold of a vision and get behind it and submit to authority to accomplish anything.

Wasted Training?

Many go to the conferences and get the training and they just become Christian reservist. If the church really needs them they will come out of reserves and fight for the Lord. Otherwise their life is their own and they have not laid it down for the cause of Christ. Don’t take me wrong, many people God has in the market place for their light to shine there and or generate funds for the kingdom. I am talking about people to spend more time in the pleasures of this life than actually serving the Lord.

Limited Seal Work

Honestly we can only have so many Navy Seals in real life and in the church as well. There is no harm in trying to become a Christian Seal. Realize that leaders pick the best and assign them as needed and real Seals submit to leaders or can become renegades. In the church world picking the best maybe the beginning of creating a renegade sadly to say. Some churches have touted freedom so much that no one wants to submit to authority anymore in the name of freedom.   Often a region that has had lots of training has lots of renegades too.

We truly need every level of military service the seals, regular service, and even reservists. Everyone has to be submitted to a vision or little will be done.

Pastor Farris Baker

The Father’s House Church of Stockton