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Another Gospel

August 6, 2022


If you have been a believer any amount of time you are familiar with the verse from Galatians, warning about “Another Gospel.” If you are like me, you may have associated this with Jehovah Witnesses or maybe Mormons. More and more I am beginning to see the zeal for a few passages from the Bible […]

Witchcraft and the Flesh

November 23, 2014


This is the last post in this series on witchcraft.  It is important to read all the posts to have a full and biblical view of witchcraft.  Also to note I have mostly presented witchcraft how it mostly comes our way, through other Christians and family situations not from occult sources.  This last post is […]

Witchcraft From A Fellow Believer

November 16, 2014


I hope you have read the other posts associated with this one.  Reading them all will help put all this into perspective and understand how it does line up with the word of God. Why? So why would one Christian wish to harm, suppress, or control another? Our nature is to please our flesh, so […]

Witchcraft, Levels of Authority

November 9, 2014


If you have been reading these posts on witchcraft seriously a big question should arise which is “how come witchcraft seems to happen at different levels with different people and no effect at all with others?”  The answer is levels of authority that people have and exercise in their lives. Fallacy of Everyone Having the […]