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Plenty of Anointing, Shortage of Character, and Social Skills

August 6, 2022


“My Fair Lady” is a story many older people should be familiar with. In this story a woman with poor social skills and a strong Cockney accent is part of bet to see if she could be trained in a proper English way to pass off as a person of royal descent.  For years I […]

Homes or Public Buildings?

May 29, 2022


Homes or Public buildings, this produces questions, criticism, and is the foundation of certain groups.  By homes or public buildings, I am meaning have home churches or typically more organized and traditional churches that meeting rented space or their own church facilities. There are all kinds of extreme views that organized churches meeting in buildings […]

Revival – What Does God Think?

May 22, 2022


Revival always sounds like a good thing, who would not want revival? Well maybe God….. I have mostly thought of life as a believer in the last twenty years as being a revivalist, wanting the most from God, the anointing, signs, and wonders, you name it! Having had a taste of a move a God, […]

The Three Stages of the Church

October 16, 2021


Three Stages of the Church Recently I have been listening to some audio books on revivalist and revivals and a really profound statement was made at the end of one of these books about revival in general.  The narrator described how most revivals last about three years long and they are like smelling salts to […]

Is Tradition Trumping The Word In Your Life?

March 29, 2015


Jesus said that a level of vanity is being exercised when our spiritual walk is living out commandments of men and repetitive behaviors, most of which we could label as traditions associated with a particular denomination or movement of people. A tradition in itself is not wrong but when a tradition trumps the actual Word […]


August 5, 2014


The Burden of the Lord Three prophets from the Old Testament use the phrase “The Burden of the Lord.” These prophets use of the word burden imply an obligation and duty to speak of do the things the Lord has put in their lives and correctly so.  Each of us have burdens or even what […]

Called Great In the Kingdom? – The Father’s House Church of Stockton

March 3, 2013


Who would not want to be called great in the Kingdom of God? I think we all would truly desire to be blessed and feel like we did things right in God’s eyes. According to the Word of God, to be called great in the kingdom is to be one the follows the laws of […]