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The Voice of Blood

February 22, 2015


There are many songs written over the years about the power of the Blood of Jesus but just like all words, all words have power with the Words of God being the most powerful.  All blood has power with Jesus’s blood being the most powerful. The Greatest Sacrifice Before you think I am getting too […]

Leviathan – Gone With the Parting of the Waters

February 8, 2015


As I write this please consider that for most people this is for knowledge of the workings of God not to go out and to do. Those that are to take some action have a specific calling and are anointed specifically for the task. Too often ministers today are equipping the entire church as if […]

Witchcraft and the Flesh

November 23, 2014


This is the last post in this series on witchcraft.  It is important to read all the posts to have a full and biblical view of witchcraft.  Also to note I have mostly presented witchcraft how it mostly comes our way, through other Christians and family situations not from occult sources.  This last post is […]

Witchcraft Attacks, My Personal Experience

November 2, 2014


Personal Testimonies We talk and teach about many things in the church and other areas of life, often without hands on experience.  Fortunately for the learning experience and maybe the opportunity to share with others, I have had my share of witchcraft attacks, mostly I believe from other Christians. Again please read the other related […]

Generational Curses and Blessings

August 31, 2014


I have noticed over the years many Christians get angry when you bring up generational curses and often say they think they don’t exist since the cross of Jesus Christ. In the years of ministry of myself and observation of other ministers I have witnessed so many times people being set free from generally attachments. […]