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Is Tradition Trumping The Word In Your Life?

March 29, 2015


Jesus said that a level of vanity is being exercised when our spiritual walk is living out commandments of men and repetitive behaviors, most of which we could label as traditions associated with a particular denomination or movement of people. A tradition in itself is not wrong but when a tradition trumps the actual Word […]

God in Your Work, Unions?

March 8, 2015


As I continue on God in you work I will discuss whether or not Labor Unions are biblical.  The short answer is that unions are not biblical in any way.  If you dis-like unions you are so happy and if you are a part of one and have seen the injustices of some employers you […]

God In Your Work

March 1, 2015


Here in America most Christians separate their job or business from their Christian life. Many are often very dedicated believers in their weekly devotions and church attendance but are looking to man for the answers in the work place, even going so far as to ask God to help man instead of looking directly to […]