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God’s Will, Your Will, Rebellion, Witchcraft

September 28, 2014


I grew up watching on TV Bewitched and various shows with mostly witch characters which seemed mostly harmless except in the Wizard of Oz. I don’t know why but I was left with two impressions that one; witches and that sort were not human, maybe like angles that may look human but are a different […]

Priority of A Scripture

September 21, 2014


The first thing one may say is all scripture is important and that is true but in common observation you can see ministers as well as individual Christians pick and choose which scripture they personally feel are the highest priority. This picking choosing sometimes is very innocent and other times it is to support personal […]

Honor Thy Father and Mother…

September 15, 2014


The one of the Ten Commandments that comes with a promise is the one that tells us to do something as opposed to not do something and that commandment is about honor to our parents.  This passage gives us that promise to have a long life if give honor to our fathers and our mothers. […]