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Slower Traffic Move Right – A Word From the Lord

October 26, 2014


Being a commuter five days a week I have been so frustrated in recent years how people get in the fast last and form a single file line completely blocking the way for anyone traveling faster than them. Seldom does one of these people move over to let you by any more. Often the slow […]

Symptoms of Witchcraft

October 26, 2014


Again these posts of witchcraft are a continuation of posts on this subject.  You really need to read them all for as complete of understanding as possible.  They are found here on Wordpress or on my Facebook page, Flagship Apostolic. Symptoms Like a disease, if there are no symptoms most likely there is no disease.  Likewise […]

Witchcraft, Wrong Prayers

October 15, 2014


This is a continuation of two previous postings on witchcraft.  To fully understand witchcraft, especially the behavioral tendency often found among Christian’s un-aware, please read the two previous posts. Level One, Wrong Prayers, (From Previous Post) The lowest level of witchcraft is prayer.  You may think how can a prayer ever be wrong? If you […]

Levels of Witchcraft

October 12, 2014


Before I get into levels of witchcraft and maybe you are thinking this has nothing to do with you, please read my previous post about what witchcraft really is in every aspect. Then you will see that many of us are presented with temptations to behave in manors that truly would be considered a level […]