Revival – What Does God Think?

Posted on May 22, 2022


Revival always sounds like a good thing, who would not want revival? Well maybe God…..

I have mostly thought of life as a believer in the last twenty years as being a revivalist, wanting the most from God, the anointing, signs, and wonders, you name it! Having had a taste of a move a God, there is nothing that can compare.  Feeling the tangible presence of God, receiving dead on prophetic words, and seeing lives transformed in an instance is so indescribable and precious.  Even when I started The Father’s House, that was my primary purpose to have a place where the Spirit was totally free to move and it truly was most of the time.  We saw all kinds of things and ministers and individuals literally came from everywhere to experience what we were hosting.  We almost hit one hundred people on Sunday morning for a while and most the time much less but literally thousands of lives were changed in just over ten years of ministry.

God is a God of patterns and consistency and we when look at revival of the Old Testament, that usually meant war and restoration of God’s ways among the people of God.  The people drifted from God’s ways and were oppressed by another people and when they had suffered long, a few cried out to God and He came and rescued them.  We call this the revival verse II Chronicles 7:14  If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 

The pleasing aspect of being a servant of God is that in spite of the lack of signs and wonder people still faithfully serve God and share His love with the world around them.  This God’s heart, revival is a bailout for a culture that has spiraled into sin and has forgotten God.

If you think about children or maybe even adults that the only way you can get them to do anything is bribe them treats, gifts, or money, that sort a what revival is to much of society. Revivals come and go but God is looking for people that are faithful even in the desert.  In the past century two of the greatest outpouring were the Welsh Revival and Azusa Street Revival. I have been to the location of the Azusa Street mission a couple times and all that remains of that revival is a sign that notes the location of historical significance to the Pentecostal movement.  Even though nothing of that revival remains on site, the world was changed by what God did at the location more than one hundred years ago.  This is the pattern often following revival.

So what is the net gain?  Revival or renewal is generally preceded by a decline, and maybe even a rapid decline short before the revival takes place. So if church attendance and spiritual awareness and service has declined for decades, does revival bring a culture back or does it advance the cultural into new levels of spiritualty and dedication?  I think we have a similar result as the book of Judges, recovery followed by decline, and ongoing pattern.

There is a group that absolutely will not attend a church if it does not have an abundance of signs and wonders, does really matter if the evidence is real tangible, as long as revival is the subject most the time. The Father’s House drew a lot of these people and the problem was they were there for the show most of the time and for the most part were not people with a servants heart. As with anything, there are exceptions but for the most part these chase the experience and have little or any history long-term serving and dedication to a local body.

If I hear of revival breaking out somewhere, I hope to be one of the first there to experience what God is doing.  But I also know that the Lord loves and cherishes those that are being living testimonies every day of their lives, giving, and serving even in times that may seem very dark or even hopeless.

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