Witchcraft and the Flesh

Posted on November 23, 2014


This is the last post in this series on witchcraft.  It is important to read all the posts to have a full and biblical view of witchcraft.  Also to note I have mostly presented witchcraft how it mostly comes our way, through other Christians and family situations not from occult sources.  This last post is to bring a check to ourselves about carnal or generation tendencies we may have toward this behavior. Common church teaching would never address this behavior as being a problem in the church yet it is and it maybe you.

The Flesh

The flesh or our carnal tendencies is often a war and sometimes just a decision we have to make many times a day. We are so blessed here in America that often our lives are about pleasing our flesh.  Realize that some flesh pleasing is okay and others are not. It is okay to have a favorite flavor of ice cream, recreation, or entertainment but these things are not to possess our lives. On the dark side our flesh can cry out for excesses in good things, as well as things like revenge, murder, drunkenness, and sex outside of marriage. Hopefully most of us never act on these things but the thought of them often are in our heads on our own or from the environment we live in.

Galatians 5:19 Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,

20 Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, 21  Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

As you can see from Paul’s warning of the flesh, in the list of carnal sins and tendencies is witchcraft and witchcraft is often a means to carry out some of the other sins as well. Remember from previous post, witchcraft is anything that imposes one person’s will and desires on another that they do not have authority over. Depending on our culture, our heritage, or even our walk with the Lord, we are dealing with sinful carnal temptations and desires in different ways.  These flesh pleasing actions are just that often, they please our soulish tendencies even though we may know they are wrong.  I repeat, may or may not know they are wrong because we are living in a time when both extremes exist in our culture, traditional religious boundaries that God never intended and life with little or no boundaries, the Word has to be our final authority and guide.

Influences to the Flesh

Obviously what we see and hear in our lives affects us greatly with the radio, internet, cable and satellite TV we can and are exposed to almost any and everything.  Today almost every prime-time sit-com has homosexual characters which are presented as the some of the wisest and most stable people of the cast.  These kinds of portrayals are not just entertaining people but teaching and changing mindsets, often not for the good.  To give credit, some liberal expressions have broken down some American Christian traditions that were more like bondage than anything to do with pleasing God or being biblical in your life.  There are many series like Break Bad that can have a person questioning any and every moral standard in America if you do not have a strong biblical foundation in your life.

It Just Is…

I did not have to watch anything to learn once I tasted a good beef steak that I like steak.  A well-seasoned and cooked steak is very pleasing to my senses, all I had to do is be exposed one time and I was a believer. Now a steak is not sinful but certainly one could over do it.  Sex is not sinful in a committed marriage but is both pleasurable both in and out of marriage creating the one of the dilemmas for some, a great temptation or the actual sin.  In similar form, some people wrestle with their temptation to control others and make life the way they want it to be.  This temptation to control and influence others could be very petty things in life to extremes all the way to murder.

The Pull

As we live our lives, no matter what age you are, things are pulling on you.  Your friends are either being pulled by you or you are being pulled toward them and their social values, whether good of bad. With my own kids and other young people I used every chance I could to share this, if you hang out with unbelievers or those with less desire to serve the Lord they are either pulling you toward a weaker walk with the Lord or you are pulling them toward Christ, no relationship is neutral! Therefore if the influences around your upbringing or current life have been to manipulate, lie, or intimidate to get what you want, even as a Christian you bring these witchcraft tendencies with you. You have to recognize them and put them behind you and under the blood of Christ.

Saved But Still Operating…

The drug and gang culture is all about witchcraft, lies, manipulation, and pressure to do what other wish.  I have witnessed many that get saved out of this culture bring the common behaviors into the church.  The obvious sins of drug abuse and violence are gone but the drug/gang culture often remains far too long.  I have many experiences with this in people but to share one story I was asked to give a person a ride home from church.  Seems simple but then the ride home ended in several stops and asking for money all of which I believe were in the mind of the person from the start. I was incrementally pulled into their plan, first get the ride, and then start working on the other items on the list as opposed to being honest and upfront from the beginning.  This behavior is necessary in the drug/gang culture and even in some families and work places, but should not be a part of the Christian culture.  This person did this out of habit and fear or rejection but that does not excuse it. This is a low level form of witchcraft. Cleaning it up a bit, maybe someone takes the pastor to dinner before making some sort of request that was not a planned part of the dinner. Again, even this is witchcraft and manipulation.  There is nothing wrong with a dinner but if there is a hidden agenda and the dinner is specifically to win favor, the act is witchcraft.

Nation of Origin

Now I am going to offend someone, most likely.  Generationally your heritage could have an effect on your tendencies to operate in some level of witchcraft.  This is not exclusive but very likely and through a transfer of the DNA and not just learned behavior.  Both good and bad behaviors can travel this way.  We can get away with be critical of a culture if you are a part of it, so upfront I have a lot of English, Irish, and some German in me as well as few other things, so I guess these are free game to me expose.  I have a good friend that I am not going to name without their permission that does a ministry of heritage deliverance in which an interview about your known family heritage is done.  There are both good and bad character issues that are common to national cultures and these are exposed and non-Christ-like behaviors are repented of and put under the blood of Jesus. All you have to do often is look at the long term history of a nation and you can find what the national behavior is and you will often identify individuals of that nation are likewise going to have a similar nature as well.


The English are a perfect example for us to see and since I am one, I am being personally critical of myself.  Aleister Crowley is a famous name associated with witchcraft and is an Englishman though it may be thought this is a good example but in reality he is symptom of the national culture. Crowley is just one person and there is much more to be said about hundreds of years of similar national behavior. Dating back into the 1400’s the British Empire began on a conquest to colonize and control much of the world. According to Wikipedia, by 1922 the British controlled and influenced one fifth of the world at that time.  Nationally England is known for moving into parts of the world that do not belong to them, bringing their culture by force if necessary to make the place like them which is pure biblical witchcraft. Likewise many people with strong English bloodline often like to get into the business of others and give unsolicited advice and control at various levels of course.  You can look at world history over the last 500 years and find several other countries that have done likewise and you find occult witchcraft often in these cultures as well, specifically Russia and Germany to note.  Whether behavior is influenced by our personal surroundings or through our bloodline, we must put bad behaviors under the blood of Jesus and crucify those behaviors and tendencies that are not pleasing to Christ.

When Attacked

Finally, when we are attacked or think we are being assaulted by witchcraft we must go to the Lord.  Paul when attacked by the messenger of Satan, the thorn in his flesh that came to buffet him, went to the Lord three times. Think about Paul’s devotion for a minute, if he sought the Lord three times I believe those were three intense times of lengthy prayer and fasting.  Paul did not get relief but he got an answer as to why.  I believe we need to make it priority to go to the Lord and get the answers and accept the outcome as the Lord gives it to us.  I believe I physically feel the pressure from witchcraft, often from other believers, that doesn’t leave when I would like it to, but I feel the Lord lets it stay like a spiritual barometer so I know what is going on around me.  We all have different gifts and levels of those gifts, as well as authority levels so there is no one size fits all answer other than walking with the Lord and learning his still small voice for you.

Not Part of the Problem

Don’t be a part of the problem, let Christ rule your heart and truly walk in the Spirit so you won’t fulfill the negative desires of the flesh, one of which is witchcraft, control, and manipulation.