Witchcraft Attacks, My Personal Experience

Posted on November 2, 2014


Personal Testimonies

We talk and teach about many things in the church and other areas of life, often without hands on experience.  Fortunately for the learning experience and maybe the opportunity to share with others, I have had my share of witchcraft attacks, mostly I believe from other Christians. Again please read the other related postings to get the full understanding and context of what I am sharing. All the postings are on Facebook and WordPress.

The Symptoms

Again for review think about the biblical symbols for word cursing in the Word.  These symbols are sharp objects, thorns, knives, arrows, and swords.  The next word curse symbols are poisons generally from some kind of animal mostly snakes and occasionally spiders. A person that is being attacked spiritually is typically going to be having the symptoms that would occur if they were physically stabbed or poisoned. These symptoms are going to be most like not attached to an injury for the stabbing pains, but they may be to mask their origin. Likewise the feeling of being poisoned is not going to be attached to any sickness but just show up without explanation.  Often people will blame these symptoms on stress or maybe allergies but if you believe in the healing power of Jesus and that this power is available today you need to find out which it is and take care of it.


Early on in my learning about word cursing, a person that I was fairly close to was having headaches for no apparent reason that kept occurring almost daily. This person had had some health issues in the past and was worried that the headaches could be symptoms of new problems.  At this time, myself and the person were oblivious to the potential of word curses.  Just a few weeks after this began; I had some guest ministers at The Father’s House, one of which was a young man, only eighteen at the time.  Towards the end of one these services this young man ministered to the person with the headaches, not for the headaches though, and as he prayed, God showed him that this person was having headaches and he said, “God told me to tell you, the headaches you are having are from word curses and there is nothing physically wrong with you.” He prayed to break off of the curses and the headaches left.  We were enlightened in the natural of what the Word of God had implied in symbols.  Since this time I give no credit to illness for headaches in my life, I living a life of health and when I feel the headache now, I look to spiritual sources.

Pain In Heals of My Feet

Over ten years ago I was attending a church where basically a split had taken in the church and a group had created conditions to cause the pastor to resign and leave and they were controlling almost everything in the church. I had openly opposed that actions of these people were not on their good side from it.  At some point around this time I began having severe pain on the heels of my feet that came and went.  I have never been much of a doctor visiting person so I never had it diagnosed but the closest thing I had ever heard would have been gout, mostly because it seemed worse when I got up in the morning.  This continued on for two of three years.

Symptoms Called Out Prophetically

As I shared with the headaches being identified prophetically as part of my education so was this pain in my heals but not as detailed. I was called out in two meetings with words of knowledge for pain in the left heel, which I was experiencing at both of these times.  I was prayed for healing both times and left with the same pain, even with a word of knowledge for the pain. This time the pain was prophetically identified but not the source.  No one asked the Lord why the pain was there, they just prayed for healing.

Prayer for General Healing

I was at the local ministry for a well know, international minister that prayed for my feet.  I was asking to be healed and he prayed for a very long time and I was not healed either.  Again he was praying as I asked for healing, not to break the curse which none of us knew us at that time.

More Prophetic Revelation

Shortly thereafter I started The Father’s House and during a meeting two people had visions with me in the visions. In these visions a witch was vomiting and I was walking in the vomit in of this vision. Vomit in the natural comes out of the mouth and generally when someone vomits they are expelling poisons from their stomach which were now on the ground and on my feet.  I was not happy to hear about the vision and still had no clue what was going on and still experiencing the pain occasionally.  About a year later another prophet had a vision of the church covered with vomit and Jesus himself came to clean it up.  Looking back at that timing somehow I was able to put it all together and realize what had happened and what God was teaching me. Not knowing or specifically documenting things, about the time of the last clean up vision the pain in my feet left for good and has never returned. This showed me about symptoms of a cursing and also that if you are praying for healing, healing will not manifest if a curse needs to be broken.

The Power of Testimony

I have shared this testimony many times, especially when ministering to people with similar symptoms. Since that time I have seen many people be pain free from similar symptoms when word curses were broken off and I believe that there will be more testimonies after some read this.

Headache and Lethargy

One of the most common symptoms of an attack for me that I have learned is a lethargic feeling. Just recently I went to the southern California area and did some prophetic acts and prayer and when I got back to my region I could feel the pressure against me.  As an example, from my pre-salvation heathen days I know what a hangover headache feels like. Your body during this period is suffering from excess alcohol in your system that has literally had a poisoning effect and the headache has manifested as your body is trying to eliminate the poison.  This is a pretty good example of what I feel when a witchcraft attack comes at me.  In most cases I have a light headache and a feeling lethargy comes over me. For many this is the time to run to the medicine cabinet or to the doctor but if we are spirt filled believers that believe in the power of the cross for today for healing, signs, and wonders, we must reach for Jesus first.

Where is the Source?

In most cases I do not always know what the source of the spiritual skirmish I am experiencing so my fight against is blind often.  Many times I have posted something on Facebook or sent an email to the churches general email list and within minutes the symptoms come my way. This just tells me that I offended some Christian and in the spirit they have lashed out at me. Some really zealous Christians when I have shared that I experiencing an attach they want to do a spiritual warfare campaign and bring it to an end.  I have found that even though I suffer at times, most often I do not get the relief that I would like and I feel like the Lord is using this for a spiritual barometer in my life.  Remember that the Apostle Paul had the thorn in his flesh, a messenger of Satan, that the Lord did nothing about, so yes God lets us suffer sometimes.

A Rise In the Anointing

In closing on my experiences, one thing I have learned over the years is that the Lord increases the anointing on me to protect me from things I cannot see. It took some time for me to learn this but I began feeling the anointing rise up on me and I did not know why.  I would feel this in a church service when God would began to move, I would feel it when I prayed, and sometimes I would feel and have no clue what triggered it.  Then finally when I thought I had it figured out I was in a McDonald’s in Santa Cruz and this lady came near me in line that had many outward symbols of a life of possible witchcraft and sexual deviant behavior and I felt the same “In-Church” rise in the anointing and the Lord showed me that he was protecting from her stuff.

More Coming

My next couple posts on witchcraft are very important because they deal with spiritual authority and gifting that gives power to prayer and a biblical story that shows why God lets these bad words have power.