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The Burden of the Lord

Three prophets from the Old Testament use the phrase “The Burden of the Lord.” These prophets use of the word burden imply an obligation and duty to speak of do the things the Lord has put in their lives and correctly so.  Each of us have burdens or even what would list as callings for our lives.  Some of these callings are general such as a pastor or evangelist and others specific such as go witness to a specific person at a specific time. As we learn how God speaks to us through His Word and other individual ways, people, signs, symbols, and dreams we learn His voice and must be doers of His Word with our lives. This is paramount to obey Him and His assignments that we are given. On the other hand there are many other things that we are assigned that do not belong to us.


Other Burdens

Mostly I wish to speak about false burdens that are placed on our lives. It may seem implausible that burdens that do not belong to us could be placed on us and pressure applied to make sure we follow through on them but let me assure you they are all around us.


God’s Will Must Be Number One!

First and foremost the will of God for our lives must be in the forefront. Often we say yes to God’s will, then cloaked burdens of traditional religion, family traditions, and American traditions choke out God’s will and take up much of our time and resources leaving God’s will wanting. In America we place great emphasis on the celebration of holidays and nearly apply sanctification to these ways and judge others that do not follow our patterns as less spiritual yet much of what we do is not endorsed by the Word of God in detail or example. Christmas is a great example of American Christian tradition that is in no way endorsed by the Word of God.  Interesting enough in the Word of God, God outlined holidays and the way to celebrate them many times. Even in the book of Esther, the Feast of Purim was established and details of the celebration and the passing on of the celebration to future generations is also endorsed by the Word. Yet as important as the birth of Christ is, we have no such guidance or example in scripture to celebrate Christmas as we do though people today literally have deified the American Christian Celebration of Christmas and placed that burden on others.


Callings With Traditional Burdens

Serving as the pastor of The Father’s House for more than ten years I fell victim of the burden of traditions. One Christian brother poised this question to me several times, I feel I am called to be an evangelist and it has been prophesied over my many times but my pastor told me I need to pastor a church for at least three years before I become an evangelist. This is a perfect example of traditions that impose burdens contrary to the will of God for our lives.  Any leaders of a local body of believers or a church, is traditionally called a pastor, whether that is their calling or not. Many that are called to lead have an emphasis of ministry that is not shepherding, as in my case my call is more on teaching and apostolic in nature, yet many people that attended TFH under my leadership attempted to place greater emphasis on traditional American pastoral duties than my true call. Often the duties were placed on me the heaviest when it served their own needs.  If you are a leader of a local body, no matter what your true call is, it’s your duty to be social security blanket to your congregation by calling them when missing, set by them all day if they are in the hospital, and a myriad of other things according to tradition, not the Word of God. These all are great things to do but there is not biblical example for that burden to be on the shepherd or pastor.  Real sheep do not tell real shepherds how to herd sheep. By the way, we put such emphasis on the pastor yet in the KJV of the Bible, the word pastor appears only one time, yet American Christians have the duties of the local pastors outlined in specific details as if it is the oracles of God.


Societies Burdens

We hear sad stories of kids being mocked or even bullied at school because they are not wearing the current fashionable shoes or other garments. This bullying is throughout our culture and varies with region and socio-economic status. Once again, God’s will must be paramount in our lives. I am not suggesting that we dress like the Amish; I believe we must be contemporary to our culture but it’s a means to an end, which is sharing the Good News. Jesus fellowshipped with Publicans and sinners, He did not become one. Not just children, but adults place burdens on us as well. How often do we hear, “You’re not going to do…” implying that if you don’t do this thing you are so far off the norm! We get these things from how to celebrate holidays, where to vacation, what to wear, to which books to read.


Peace In Your Burdens

The real peace in life is knowing you are doing God’s will. God’s will takes real faith and hard work but when you are in the flow of His will there will be peace and maybe steps of faith and real hard work too. Do things because its God’s will for sure and doing other things in life because you really like it yourself. Be honest and upfront with others of what you know to be your real burdens and do them with God’s peace.

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