Ticket To Hell

Posted on July 27, 2014


Such a serious topic, “A Ticket To Hell.”  No one wants that, but yet it’s common for the lost and those that know the Savior, to sign up.

The saddest thing about the subject I want to talk about is that the grace of God is so huge and is so easy for anyone to take advantage of yet many only wish to accept some of the grace. This week I came to knowledge of an individual who used a phrase that is all too common, “I will never forgive…”  Not just as a minister but in life in general, even in media, we hear people use this phrase for their particular situation.  People whether by perception or reality have been hurt, taken advantage off, or abused and they hold the perpetrator guilty indefinitely by not forgiving them.

Unforgiveness is a literally a stone around your neck. The more you acknowledge the situation and your hurt the heavier this stone gets.  Just as if a literal stone was around your neck, the longer it is there, the more of a burden it becomes in your life.  This stone around your neck becomes more important than the rest of your life. Just like a heavy stone would begin to debilitate you, so the does the stone of unforgiveness. In time, the anger and other feelings begin affecting the others around you. No one wishes to bring up the stone issue because they know it will send this person into a rage. We all know people like this or have experienced it ourselves.

Un-repented Sin

Most of us know that the Bible says, The wages of sin is death, Romans 6:23That death is hell, eternal separation from a loving God. Quality and quantity of sin is not important, any sin requires this payment, which thankful Jesus paid and offers to us all. Unforgiveness is not a choice when it comes to receiving His grave, holding on to unforgiveness is ongoing sin, period!  This does not include the struggle of feelings associated with hurts of the past, verbalizing forgiveness doesn’t just make bad memories disappear and God’s grace is now available to bring healing to your life. Holding on to the unforgiveness allows your perpetrator to continue to torment you, if even only in your head.

Mark 11:26 But if ye do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses.

The proceeding passage is very clear and supported by many other passages and examples, the work of the cross is void in your life if you cannot forgive others. You may have repented for all other sin in your life, but you have un-repented sin, unforgiveness. Jesus gives us the parable of the man who owed very much and begged for time to repay and the master forgave him of all, yet this same man was without mercy to another who owed him much less.  Due to his unforgiveness, his master retracted the grace he had freely given.  This is God’s Word and example for us all. God’s mercy and grace is so free and abundant we must receive it let it flow from us as well.

I Will Pay It Myself

When we don’t forgive, we are saying, “I am willing to be eternally separated from God in hell because of the actions of harm from another towards me that I will not forgive.” I don’t pretend to say that the healing of hurts is easy, but the healing will never begin until we give it the Lord and forgive those that hurt us.

Is it me Lord?

Judas, at the last supper asked the question, full well knowing it was him. Are you asking the question, “Is it me?” Do you have unforgiveness in you? In most cases it is very obvious because people are almost proud to say I will never forgive that person but often our actions speak louder than our words.  Judas was so offended that Jesus wouldn’t be the Messiah that he pictured, he sold him out to the Pharisees for thirty pieces of silver.

Destroy the Evidence

If a person is truly forgiven than why hang on to the evidence? Evidence just requires storage and invokes the pain of the past. I know one person that holds a letter that is over fifty years old that invokes all the past hurt that blossoms into present anger. This is clear evidence of unforgiveness.

New Titles

What titles did you used to carry, drunk, pothead, womanizer, thief, or just general heathen? If we forgive someone and we still label them with their past titles we are showing evidence that we see them the same way.  If someone was a drunk and they still are that is different, if they have hurt you as a drunk, you must put measures in your life to keep them from a place to hurt you further. If someone has made a change and especially if they have asked for forgiveness the old titles must leave, God’s grace is always nearby to help you.

The Best Way

Forgiveness is the best way. Forgiveness is the seed that new life and peace springs forth from. No matter how hard it is to forgive, we must do so.  Forgiving invites new levels of God’s grace to your life that will bless you and everyone around you if you allow it.

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