Alternative to ObamaCare

Posted on May 1, 2012


Stockton Healing Rooms Tuesday's at 7pm

Stockton Healing Rooms Tuesday's at 7pm

Alternative to Obama-Care

So many Christians are on the bandwagon to repeal Obama Care. Yet there’s a Christian alternative most never speak of. How about the healing power of Jesus?  At age 52, I have lived without health benefits for close to 10 years. In previous generations it would be said you must be so healthy you haven’t been to a doctor for 10 years, yet today people will tell you how foolish you are if you haven’t been for a regular checkup in the last year, Christians as well.  I asked “where is your faith?” Obviously for most people it’s in medical care system and not God.  So many people have lost jobs in this down economy and their healthcare benefits with it as well. So why aren’t Christians taking advantage of this and preaching the healing power of Jesus Christ? Talk about a field ready to harvest!  Even those with medical care, Jesus is a better solution.

One of things that is supposed to help our local economy here in Stockton is a new hospital built for inmates.  Again, the medical field is propping up a portion of the local economy. Where does it stop?

Yes I can believe God can and does use doctors, but where is the balance?

Obama-Care is said to pull one sixth of the American economy into its clutches, no wonder we are upset, yet most Christians are okay with the health care industry taking way more than what they tithe to the local church right now and for the past generation. Is there something wrong with this picture? For sure there is something wrong, people place their funds where they have the most hope. Their hope appears to be more with medicine other than with God. The American economic recovery, could it come from a healing revival, where Christians actually believed and practiced the Word for healing? I think it could and will, there are too many that just have no other choice. A voice for the healing power of Jesus must rise.

At The Father’s House church of Stockton we have what we call the Stockton Healing Rooms on Tuesday nights at 7:00 PM.  People are welcomed to come out and get private personal prayer for any of their needs.  We also readily pray for any physical needs in almost any service. Not everybody gets healed but many do.  Next time before you reach for a pill or the phone, try Jesus, He shed his blood for your salvation and His body was tortured for your healing. Isaiah 53

Farris Baker

The Father’s House Church of Stockton

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